June 7, 2018

Boone Links Clubhouse

19 Clubhouse Dr.

 Florence, KY 41042

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(The meeting starts at 5:30 with dinner at 6:30, presentation at 7:30 and a general raffle afterwards.)

Jessica Callihan

​Jessica Callihan grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Michigan where she spent her days either in the fields or with the cows.  Upon graduating high school she went to college on an academic scholarship but after a year felt a deep desire to join the United States Navy as an Aviation Electrician.  She excelled in her field and had planned to become a high ranking enlisted officer but fate had other plans.  She was injured while training and had complications with the surgeries causing permanent nerve damage in her lower extremities; this required a nuerostimulator to be implanted in her spine.  On her ninth surgery, a set of pastels was given to her in order to entertain her mind while recovering.  It was then she discovered her passion for art.  While she wasn't able to participate in most "normal" activities, she was able to sit for an hour at a time and paint.  She drew memories from her childhood on the farm but primarily focused on fishing and scenes from nature.

After recovery from her tenth surgery, she joined a group called "Project Healing Waters" which teaches disabled veterans how to fly fish with their disabilities.  She never believed she was going to be capable of physical activity but the group proved her wrong.  

"In some ways I am grateful that this happened to me.  While it changed my original goals and plans, it lead me to a better door filled with many opportunities.  I have found peace through creating art and fly fishing and have gained the type of friendships that will last a lifetime.  Between the feel of water, the fight of the fish and the magic that occurs when I paint, I find myself in a sort of trance where there is no pain, no worries but instead just beauty."

Jessica decided to use her educational benefits from the military to enroll at Maryville College in 2012 to pursue a degree in fine arts.  She graduated in 2015 with honors.  She now has the ability to dedicate her time to exploring new subjects using new mediums.  She is the Creative Director for Dun  Magazine, she has showcased at Blackberry Farms, and has been featured on The Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming.

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