John Branam - President, RBSF

​Sheila Meyer - Vice President

Mike Arnold - ​Treasurer, Founder, Education

Aaron McDaniel - ​Fly-Tying Education

Bill Cook - ​Project Healing Waters

Bill Renner - ​​Director At Large - Special Raffles

​​Charlie Meyer - Director at Large

Chris Puckett - Director at Large

​Dave Huff - Director at Large

Jarold Benson - ​Education

Jack Randall - ​Membership

Josh Lillard - ​Raffles & Banquet

Keith Haungs - ​Co-Webmaster, Meetup

​Kerry Premec - Women's Outreach 

Larry Giffin - Apparel – The Haberdasher

Mark LeSuer - ​Dinners

Tim Guilfoile - Kids Derbies, Newsletter, Co-Webmaster

Tom Tveten - Director At Large

​Walter Weller – Conservation

Wayne Noakes - ​Secretary              

Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers

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